without compromise

Balancing eachother

Take this time.

These are difficult and worrying times- yes. We know many of you have put celebrations on hold. You may be frightened and disappointed, frustrated and quite possibly suffering from cabin fever. Please, pause for just a minute. The gift of time is so rarely given to us. Now, it actually has been.


While we hunker down to recalibrate and rethink how we can serve our society and environment better, we wish you to all immerse yourselves in those around you. Hug your loved ones if you can. Truly look in their eyes, for a long time. See them in a new light. We've all been rushing past each-other so much it feels like a chronic blur. Now, we have the gift of time to slow down. Take it. Call those far from you so they don't feel the distance as much and slow down. We all need to do it.


We will come out of this stronger and wiser. And when you do, we'll be right here waiting to celebrate with you - just better.

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L E E  K L A B I N W O M E N

"We design for women who want more from their wardrobe. We design for the timeless, the bold, the stunning and the strong. We design for those who see past today and into many tomorrows. Those who refuse to compromise on quality while also preserving noble ethics and natural reserves. For those who want to give as well as take. And crucially, for those who wish to leave our precious planet in a better state then they found it."


Lee Klabin-Grant 


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