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Modern Sustainable Bridalwear

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There are few days more special than you wedding day. Surrounded by those you love, marrying your soulmate, and dressed fabulously! 

At LEE KLABIN we know how important & unique this moment is and we want to help you achieve your perfect vision.


All our pieces are custom-made, hand crafted, modern expressions that empower our brides. However, beyond mere statements of personal aesthetic,  fashion is also evolving towards sustainability.


In a globalised and environmentally-conscious marketplace, every choice we make in our clothing is a reflection of the footprint we want to leave on our world. We must now consider where materials are sourced, whether cruelty or injustice was utilised in their manufacturing, and which  communities helped create them.


Looking striking shouldn't come at the cost of your standards. That's why we take great pride in always combining style with sustainability.


We believe in safeguarding our environment and building sustainability into every stitch. By working with the right textile designers, fabric mills, yarn producers, production factories, and courier companies we are putting our precious planet first.


And sustainability goes beyond our fabrics! Our innovative wedding ensembles can separate into individual pieces that can be worn long after your special day - including a chic dress, a stylish jacket, and a plush throw to wrap around your future little ones.


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Every season, we would like to thank the incredible talents and efforts of everyone involved in making it all come together. So without further ado, THANK YOU!

We want to encourage everyone to start recycling more of their unwanted fabrics. So to help, we've teamed up with reGAIN 


When our customers bring in their reGAIN code, they get an extra 5% discount from their purchase through us.


We are proud to use NoIssue for all our packaging materials. Each order we place from their recycled & fully compostable products range gets a tree planted! 


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Renee Dress & knitted Cape

Renee Dress & knitted cape