Sustainable Aesthetic

We've heard it all before- "Fashion is a form of personal expression" So why do so many of us flock to fleeting trends that serve nothing personal to us and at great financial cost?

One of the biggest problems is- we all have too much. It's been quantity over quality for so long. But now, we're starting to see clearer...


Unfortunately so many of our fellow women aren't able to get even a simple professional looking ensemble, to give them the confidence to approach job interviews in an effort to better themselves and provide for their families. Smart Work is a fantastic charity that helps them do just this. With many designers donating clothing, Lee wanted to help in our way too. As we prdyce only to order, once we accumulate enough chosen contributions towards this cause- we produce a dress just for them, in the colour and size of their choosing.

We ask each of our customers at check-out, which of the fours charities we support they would like us to donate to on their behalf.

10% of each purchase is donated to a charity. For those who find themselves drawn to our social cause- Visit Smart Works to find our more about what they do and how we can help.

L E E  K L A B I N W O M E N

"We design for women who want more from their wardrobe. We design for the timeless, the bold, the stunning and the strong. We design for those who see past today and into many tomorrows. Those who refuse to compromise on quality while also preserving noble ethics and natural reserves. For those who want to give as well as take. And crucially, for those who wish to leave our precious planet in a better state then they found it."


Lee Klabin-Grant 


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