Animal Welfare

Animals, are our neighbours on earth. They deserve to be treated with every kindness and care we can give them. Thats why we only use wool from specific farms that have the welfare of their animals at the heart of their business.


Alpacas happen to be one of our favourite- they are bred purely for their gorgeously soft wool. Here in the UK, the enthusiasm for these beautiful creatures has led to a few truly wonderful farms, where we source our alpaca wool from.


We are also aware of the abundance of wasted hides and feathers in our industry, so to help clean-up, we also use repurposed hides and feathers in our jewellery pieces. These are strictly limited edition as the purpose is to reuse what the industry has left over.

For every customer who feels drawn to this cause, 10% of their purchase will go towards supporting the charity Four Paws. This wonderful charity fights against animal cruelty in the fashion industry and could use all the help we can muster.


L E E  K L A B I N W O M E N

"We design for women who want more from their wardrobe. We design for the timeless, the bold, the stunning and the strong. We design for those who see past today and into many tomorrows. Those who refuse to compromise on quality while also preserving noble ethics and natural reserves. For those who want to give as well as take. And crucially, for those who wish to leave our precious planet in a better state then they found it."


Lee Klabin-Grant 


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