The Making of Season 2 

Amongst our many sustainable ambitions in the fashion industry, one of them is to build a creative community. One who shares our vision, challenges our preconceptions of what's possible and - united- make an extraordinary projects come alive.


Every season we enjoy meeting and working with some of the most talented and passionate creative people. This season it was our inspiring photographer and film director Alfred George Bailey.


His work was nothing short of genius. All the images from this season's campaign were shot in natural light. Not a single studio light or flash bulb in sight. The results speak for themselves.


The second was the amazing pro team of make up artists and hair stylists who seamlessly transformed our already beautiful models into LEE KLABIN brides.

In addition, we have seen some bright young talents rise up to their challenges impeccably.

The Season II campaign and photoshoot were produced by Alvine Ahouansou. Behind the scenes filming & movie by Chloe Price


This was one of the most enjoyable and inspiring photoshoots we've had. We wish to thank everyone involved wholeheartedly and look forward to the next one!