L E E  K L A B I N  has had the pleasure of working with some inspiring designers and sustainability aficionados to create a complete bridalwear vision. Among these are the Milliner Daniella of London and Jeweller Elisha Francis and expert in all things sustainable, Saya Elmishri. Below you can take a look at their own brands and beautiful collections.

Daniella London_edited.jpg

Daniella London was born out of a desire to create a joyful take on classic headpieces. Experimenting with modern materials while also inspired by classic silhouettes, our designs are meant to be not only for the special occasion, but also to boldly uplift a classic outfit. 

Daniella London’s pieces have been spotted at Buckingham Palace, Royal Ascot, and many other events on both sides of the Atlantic.

Elisha Francis.jpg

About Elisha Francis My love of jewellery design is an escape into my own wonderful world. I become lost in the research, sketching, sampling, creating and learning new skills and developing my own design language. My jewellery is my creative voice, my metaphoric armour, my journey and my discovery.

Working in both metal and textiles allows me to communicate a narrative through my work; these contrasting materials represent the idea that we can be hard and soft, simple and intricate, strong and fragile. Sometimes it is hard to express ourselves with words, but what we choose to adorn ourselves with can reflect that still small voice that is trying to be set free. 

Saja Elmishri has a strong passion for sustainability and sees this as a crucial component to include across the industry. Undertaking her university research project titled ‘exploring consumer perception around sustainability’, Saja found out that many consumers were left confused by what ‘sustainable meant’ and how brands were irresponsive to this.


Saja sees fashion as part of her personal identity and cultural expression. However, the fashion industry is one of the most polluting industries after fossil fuel and construction. Our planet cannot sustain this anymore and we need a radical positive change – which starts off with how and where we source fashion materials.


Saja Elmishri is currently working with Lee Klabin as a Freelance Sustainability Co-ordinator and consults on sourcing ethically made materials– which will be incorporated in the upcoming collections.


Having the opportunity to work with Lee and being involved in the very early stages; ensures an ethical and sustainable approach throughout the design process. This is achieved by introducing innovative materials to consumers. As well as, actively pushing the industry to think differently; showing that we can work together and come up with creative solutions by reconsidering everything we source and consume. We are on a very exciting journey.