Healing our planet, your way.


L E E  K L A B I N is built on four core pillars which we feel are crucial starting points to make positive change happen faster from within our industry.  To do so, we are enabling each LEE KLABIN bride to choose between the charities we support by selecting the one that sits closest to her heart. For every purchase made through us we donate 10% of it to our brides' charity of choice. 

The Four Pillars

1. Modern Aesthetic : Sustainable fashion is the future. We celebrate our brides by modernising their styles to feel more current and relevant to our times, rather than tired traditional themes. We focus on materials that reduce environmental impact. Our bridal ensembles embody a timeless, clean and chic aesthetic, thus also offering true versatility in pieces that can be worn and enjoyed for many years after their special day.


2. Environmental Cause : We are proud to produce all of our pieces in “slow fashion”. Our natural materials are ethically and responsibly sourced, and are always designed with longevity in mind.

“Every time you spend money you’re casting a vote for the kind of world you want.”  -Anna Lappe

















3. Social Cause : Our bridal designs are hand-made by passionate and enthused individuals who approach dress-making as an art. Every artisan who works on the pieces is a respected and empowered member of our creative community.  The threads of our ethos run through every piece we make.


4. Charitable Causes : We support four charities, across environmental, social and animal welfare areas. We encourage each of our brides to choose where the  portion of the proceeds from her dress go. Girls Not Brides, Plastic Oceans, Four Paws and Smart Works

Our four chosen charities set out to fix various ailments in our world. To read more about each one, click the image below.