Our home, planet Earth. Like all house proud residents, we should all be wanting to keep it in its best state. But we know we've collectively fallen far short of what it deserves. 

There are luckily plenty of ways we can all choose to do better by it, so that it houses not only us in harmony, but our children and theirs too.

When we source materials- they are as natural and as invisible in impact as possible. We're still on the road to improving. Thats inevitable and necessary. There are incredible discoveries happening every day in both the textile and manufacturing industries that continue to help designers like us produce products with supreme quality and environmentally sound origins. Leaving the planet at the very least, no worse for all our futures.

Stay tuned for future videos from our alpaca farm wool suppliers, Seacell / Merino yarn manufacturers and knitters across the UK, plus our limited editions tailored pieces made from repurposed materials to learn about the providence of all Lee Klabin pieces.

We ask each of our customers at check-out, which of the fours charities we support they would like us to donate to on their behalf.

10% of each purchase is donated to a charity. For those who find themselves drawn to saving the environment- We will donate to the worthy charity Plastic Oceans on their behalf.

L E E  K L A B I N W O M E N

"We design for women who want more from their wardrobe. We design for the timeless, the bold, the stunning and the strong. We design for those who see past today and into many tomorrows. Those who refuse to compromise on quality while also preserving noble ethics and natural reserves. For those who want to give as well as take. And crucially, for those who wish to leave our precious planet in a better state then they found it."


Lee Klabin-Grant 

Email: hello@Leeklabin.co.uk

Phone: +44 -203-560-9945

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