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We all love to shop. We love the "new thing feel" and we want it faster and cheaper and more of it. But what we've come to realise slowly, is that that "new thing rush" is lasting shorter and shorter each time. The addiction we all have for more and new just tries to fill the deeper need for connection and sense of value with our belongings. So in hamster-wheel style, we are forever looking for that perfect piece, not getting anywhere fast except to the next shallow sale.
And so, the wheel keeps spinning and our money keeps pouring out of our pockets and into vapid purchases that don't serve our needs or our wallets.
So how are we going to fix this?
Lets start with our hard earned money. How do we spend it? What are our options? What do we want to get from your hard earned cash? If you had £100 to spend on a special piece, would you rather spend it on five £20 cheap dresses that are victims of fleeting fashion, shoddily made, unsustainably produced and will irritate your changing sense of aesthetic over time? 
How about investing those that hard-earned cash in a beautifully made, seductively timeless dress, that sculpts you into your most gorgeous self every time you wear it. And as an added perk- it just happens to be made from the most environmentally conscious, sustainable materials too?
We know what we'd rather...
So as we would never dream of a world where nobody enjoyed the thrill of shopping, we decided to offer up a better alternative to do so.
Starting from bridalwear, where a lot of our "happily ever afters" begin, we are redefining what the modern, chic, timeless and sustainable bride can (& should) look like. No more helpless princesses. We've worked too hard to fall back into that stereotype. Bring on bridalwear for today's woman & everything she embodies.
Awe inspiring in all the right ways.
We take meticulous measures to ensure the most transparency in everything we design and produce. From the individual alpaca that gave you the soft wool for your knitted dress and the recycled plastic bottles that make the fabric in your favourite pleated skirt. (yes, thats possible these days!)  How about Seacell yarns, made from seaweed and fine knitted into the silkiest feeling favourite go-to autumn/winter dress?


At LEE KLABIN we know that everything in the world of sustainable fashion is on a journey to doing things-better. Product innovation is absolutely key to this. We couldn't design what we do without the textile innovators who are making designing sustainably even possible.


We choose to work with both smaller companies who are at the forefront of the newest technologies in sustainable materials and yarns as well as those more established such as ECONYL who produce recycled nylon in luxuriously soft finishes that affords our garments the elasticity and added comfort they have. We promise, in line with our founding pillars to keep looking, keep researching and keep questioning how we can continue to improve on both our own high standards and yours.


We want our cherished customers to be part of the conversation on sustainable fashion. Bring on your ideas, your thoughts, your questions and together, we'll do better.

Be part of the solution.

Join us

L E E  K L A B I N


At LK, we want to take you on a journey of discovery into how your beautiful pieces were made, in spirit & in practice. We take sustainability into our hearts and souls, as do our suppliers. 

See how Peace Silk is made versus the traditional way...

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Where does our wool come from?Inside the farms of our Alpaca wool suppliers.