Saying "I do!" to change

Embracing your ethics on your big day...

Saying “I do” is the moment that a lot of us have dreamt about since we were little girls. It’s that one day that’s all about you and the person you want to grow old with. You bring your dreams to life with a lot of excited planning & decision making, weighing up how to please everyone and their mother. In the midst of this excitement, it’s so easy to get wrapped up in our little stress bubble and forget some of the things we truly care about outside it. But what if some of the big decisions for your big day, could also make a big difference to those very causes that chime with you every day thereafter?

The sustainable fashion movement is on the rise like never before. With more people saying ‘no’ to fast fashion and ‘yes’ to making a positive difference. We’re slowly ushering away the idea of a throw-away culture that revolves around consuming items that only get a few wears. Increasingly green is - the new black.

‘The fashion industry’s CO2 emissions are projected to increase to nearly 2.8 billion tons per year by 2030. This is equivalent to the emissions of 230 million passenger vehicles driven for a year’(Global Fashion Agenda, 2017).

Many brands are changing their ways to ensure that frightening statistics like this start change for good.

But if saving the planet doesn’t quite fit on your to-do list, some of us are starting on a smaller scale, closer to home – our wardrobes. We are increasingly starting to notice that having less, truly does start to feel like more. We’re starting to really embrace a leaner lifestyle when it comes to fashion, where we see and feel what we have-better. Its becoming easier to style ourselves because we can actually make sense of what we’ve got. And the extra beauty of all this, is that it’s truly addictive.

More of us are finding the weekly or monthly give-away bag an uplifting routine we look forward to. Almost like lifting the veil on the fog of over-consumption. We’re discovering the favourite go-to timeless pieces more easily and find ourselves more chicly (not to mention quickly) put-together when we focus on them. Increasingly, we realise that by being pickier with our purchases, we enjoy them more deeply. They mean something to us and their value grows with use.

So why does this movement not come into play so much when we plan our wedding?

Thousands of wedding dresses are brought in the UK each year. It’s the most memorable and expensive piece of clothing a majority of women will ever buy. But once that romantic day draws to a close this beautiful dress’ life - ends. Put in a box, to collect dust rather than memories.

This day’s fun events needn’t live on solely in photographs. The symbolic beauty of the wedding party and all it celebrates should be echoed in countless different ways throughout the journey it launched.

Making sustainable choices like this can make an immense change not only to your wedding day but to the world you and your partner build your life together in.

Redefining, happily ever after...


L E E  K L A B I N W O M E N

"We design for women who want more from their wardrobe. We design for the timeless, the bold, the stunning and the strong. We design for those who see past today and into many tomorrows. Those who refuse to compromise on quality while also preserving noble ethics and natural reserves. For those who want to give as well as take. And crucially, for those who wish to leave our precious planet in a better state then they found it."


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