BEULAH train / blanket

SKU: 0002

Now, This piece, is one of those 'once in a a lifetime' pieces. Every time you immerse yourself in it's details, you revel in sheer delight.

The truly majestic essence of the Beulah train, make it look like something that came out of the V&A fashion archives, with a modern twist.

It looks so intricate, yet straps on with the easiest of tie on silk belts for you big day.  The truly beautiful part however, happens afterwards.  After your ceremony and when the partying is done, we take the train, unpleat it and remove the silk lining, revealing a truly sumptuous, emotionally uplifting blanket, for you and your future little ones to wrap themselves in for years and generations to come...pretty awesome, right?


Shown here with the Beulah jacket and Beulah dress and headpiece, in any which way - STUNNING!

  • composition

    Hand-made with combination of cotton & silk yarns and embroidery detailing.