Less  is more.

We all have too much “stuff”…whether it’s cluttered, forgotten, misplaced, or simply useless, our lives are filled with items of limited utility.


At LEE KLABIN, we believe that things should work on more than one level if they are to be of true value. Every piece we create is a statement of beauty, that also offers something versatile and enduring.


Our wedding ensembles will look collectively incredible on your big day, and will take on a whole new look as they are separated into individual pieces that you can enjoy in the years to come.

Whether it’s our sumptuous wedding jacket that can keep you warm on a winter’s night out, our hand-knitted embroidered trains that become a blanket for your wedding bed or wrapped around your little ones during movie night on the sofa or our chic dresses – which celebrate your unique, timeless style anywhere you go...

Designer's daughter, Beulah, wrapped in the Beulah train turned sofa throw.